Psychometric Testing

What is psychometric testing:

First off…..its not a test – there are no “right or wrong” answers. It is really behavioural style and personality type audit…. finding out what makes you tick in terms of motivations, strengths and how you view and work through tasks in your life.

The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) is the most widely used test for understanding personality differences.

What can it do for me:
It can help you know yourself -  your likes, motivations and drives, as well as your blocks – and it can help you see why they “just don't get it” when an idea, conclusion or plan of action seems obvious to you… it's just the differences in how people see and interpret information and circumstances.

These differences can be used very effectively to develop your communications and understanding of your self and the people around you.  They are extremely useful in helping you identify your strengths and internal preferred working style, and are used to explore your motivations and drives. With this information, you can begin to see what type of careers and situations you can thrive in, and those where you feel like you are always on the back foot.  For instance, if your type needs time to think a problem through, to see how we got here and plan a route out, you might make a great leader, but a very bad fireman!

Personality Types – MBTI 16PF


Prefers to draw energy from the outer world of activity, people and things


Prefers to draw energy from the inner world of reflections, feelings and ideas


Prefers to focus on information gained from the five senses and on practical applications


Prefers to focus on patterns, connections and possible meanings


Prefers to base decisions on logic and objective analysis of cause and effect 


Prefers to base decisions on a valuing process, considering what is important to people


Likes a planned, organised approach to life, and prefers to have things decided


Likes a flexible, spontaneous approach and prefers to keep options open

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