The Recruitment Bureau

Meet the Team

Hazel Markey, Managing Director

Hazel is an approachable, warm, supportive and empathic recruitment specialist.  With a razor sharp instinct for what makes a candidate suit a particular role.

She has helped hundreds of candidates to secure the employment opportunities of their choice, in the location of their choosing.

She uses her extensive expertise and intuitive flair to create successful and lasting partnerships between candidates and employers.

Hazel cares deeply about the people that she serves and is known for her determination in finding the ‘perfect’ match between businesses in search of talent and candidates seeking new opportunities.

Mark Markey, Marketing Director

Mark brings both vision and experience to his role as Marketing Director at Recruitment Bureau. He uses strategic marketing campaigns to attract the best and most talented candidates.

He has extensive local, ‘insider’ knowledge, beneficial to those seeking to recruit new talent in the area and to those seeking new employment opportunities in the region.

He is an astute negotiator, using his finely honed skills to negotiate with candidates on behalf of companies, seeking to recruit the most qualified and capable people.