The Recruitment Bureau


Do you find some vacancies harder to fill than others?

Is it difficult to find that one person who has all of the skills that you require?

Do you need to hire in ‘volume’?

Could you do with some help in processing candidate search results?

Do you have short term need for a temp to cover holidays or sick leave?

We have a large pool of talented, qualified and skilled candidates available for recruitment, right now, in your area.

Many of our clients/businesses have worked with us over several years, returning to us again and again, when expansion/growth in business led to a demand for new recruits or a need for expertise in specific fields.

We deliver temporary, permanent and contract recruitment services to companies, in Ireland’s north eastern regions.

Temporary Staff

We provide Temporary Staff for periods ranging from 1 day to 6 months+ to facilitate fluctuating work demands, including annual leave, maternity and sick leave or specific busy periods such as year end or when you win a large order.

The candidate works for us, but they work with you. They are skilled and dedicated candidates fro whom a full time permanent role might be what they need at the moment. But while they are with you, they are focused on doing a brilliant job.  You will only know they are there by the results your team or company achieves!

Contract Staff

Recruitment Bureau also provides contract staff / expertise for pre-determined periods of time to cover longer term specific projects and busy times.   The flexibility of candidates who do contract work means you are getting access to up to date skills learned across many industries and fields.    


Psychometric Testing Service

Recruitment Bureau provides a Psychometric Testing Service to Employers as an aid to the recruitment process. Prior to interview, the instrument can be used to identify candidate personality traits that best fit with a particular job specification.

Following interview, it can be used to highlight candidate traits that may not be apparent during the interview process.

The instrument can also be used to make people more effective in their roles within organizations. For example, to improve performance in areas such as leadership, change management and conflict resolution.

To avail of our Psychometric Testing Service Tel: +353 (0)41 9830566, to speak to our Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® expert

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