Why you should ALWAYS take that job

The jobs market in the North East, as in most places in Ireland is hot!!  There are more jobs than people at the moment in some sectors.

And so, when one is offered a job, its tempting to not always take it on the basis that, like buses, there will be another one along in a minute.  And you could be right.  As I say, there are candidate shortages in many industries.  But not all.  And not for all roles within these industries

So….. Consider carefully before your turn your back on an offer.

I’m not saying these factors are “right” but  am saying that they are often “real”

Leaves a bad taste in the  agencies mind – the consultant you are dealing with will be a bit stung that they put you for a job they believed you a fit for, that you went for an interview or two.and right at the end you reject the role.  It’s a case of “ once bitten, twice shy. Especially if the role was one you described as really wanting

Probably excludes you from a role in the client company

Better to be working – easier to get a job from a job. For lots of reasons.  You get used to

Training in latest / new technology or practices.  If you have been out of the workforce, or in a role for a longish  time, things might have moved around you. Joining  a new company can be an ideal time to get training in products / packages or practices.

Pushing yourself.  You have decided to move job.  You were definitely  moving.  No here’s your chance and you decide to say no.  Gotta ask yourself why??  Is it the role?  The company?  Or is it something deeper with in yourself??  Are you too comfortable? Is your job easy and you have too much going on in your life to take on too much more of a challenge.  These are all real reasons and true for you.  They are not “ right or wrong”  But you must own them.  Maybe it has taken been offer different job for you to look at other things and this is great.

You have done your homework on the company who has offered you a role before you went for the interview.  So you were happy there was nothing to put you off the company.


Sure….Circumstances and needs change.  And there are many valid reasons to not take the job offered…… but if you turn one down, make sure its for the right reasons.

Posted 11th October 2018