Creating a CV??

Basic CV Template.

What to include : There is no set format - the style of a CV is a personal choice but you may find it useful to include the following:

Personal details
Name, Date of Birth, Address, Driving License, Phone Number, Personal Profile and Career History.

A short statement at the beginning of the CV can be a positive way of selling yourself. You should include positive words that best describe you.

Mention things you did well in your past job which could be relevant to the job you are applying for.

Work History
Put the most recent job first, with dates. What you have done recently will be of more interest to a prospective Employer.

Don't leave gaps.Employers will want to know what you did during these periods.

If your work experience is limited you may want to include temporary, holiday, part-time or voluntary jobs. Give the job title and the main duties involved. Keep it brief.

If you have had many different jobs emphasise the skills and experience you have gained by grouping them together. For example 'I have worked in many different types of jobs during vacations including office, shop and factory work'.

Training and Qualifications
Include any training and qualifications gained in previous jobs. Again put the most recent first. Educational details and qualifications can be included from secondary school.

Interest/Spare Time Activities
Aim to show the Employer that you have a well rounded personality. This is a chance to sell yourself. You can include any sporting activities, hobbies and membership of clubs and societies.
Note: Make sure you know enough about your interests to be able to talk about them at an interview - they are often picked up by Employers for further questioning.

Additional Information
This is optional - it is useful if you have gaps in other parts of your CV. If you have had a break at home make this positive, describe skills you have learned in bringing up children and running a home. If you are changing career direction you may want to explain why you are interested in the new type of work.

You may or may not want to include these on your CV but you should always have a record of two or more people you can use as references. One should be your last Employer or if you have not worked for some time you could use your family doctor or a friend (not a relative) who has known you a long time

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